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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Nah nah na nah nahh, we went to Ashford...
Yes, my sisterinlaw and my fatherinlaw (further referred to as Sister and Dad) took a trip down to Ashburton where Ashford is. You know, where all those wonderful spinning wheels come from? Dad is quite keen on getting into spinning now that we actually went and looked at them! Got to say, heaps of stuff to look at, and the old building that looks like it has just been built, wow, wow, wow! Beautiful craft supplies and there's a cafe too. Had to have nice cup of tea when we first got there, then we walked around and oggled all the yarn and equipment lined up in the surrounds.
Anyway, I'll put some photos up later as I'm really supposed to be off to bed as we are going to go on holiday in a few days and I won't have time to blog again until we get back late March.
In sweater news though, while at Ashford (ASHFORD!!!!) I managed to pick up a set of double pointed needles for daughters stripey sweater sleeves. I'm going to try and fit some knitting in on our family holiday, at least I'll take it with us in case the time presents itself. Should be fun driving for nine hours with two children in the back seat.
Okay, enough procrastination, off to bed now, happy knitting everyone.


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