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Friday, April 01, 2005

Happy Chapppy

Son is off to school again today, he's all excited as his class goes swimming again today. He has only recently started school and loves it so far. He has great teachers and hasn't gotten bored like I feared he would. Son is one boy who likes alot of stuff to do, and if there isn't then he starts to get upset. Daughter started her kindy yesterday too, and she loved it apart from at the end when she turned her back and thought that I'd left her there! Poor little crying mess she was, as if I would do that. Can understand though as there were so many mothers and fathers picking up their little ones too.

Spun a little more sliver up and have washed and hung it to dry ready to see how it came out. Have finished daughter's stripey sweater and she actually wore it the other day too, I absolutely must get a photo of her in it as it worked out really well. I added the moss st collar at the last moment instead of the standard ribbed neck just for something different, and it suits it well.
Have been reading Yarn Harlot and must say Stephanie is a great read. My favourite quilting blog at the moment would have to be Wee Wonderfuls I just wish I had her creativity at the moment.

I'm still under the weather and feeling blah. Need a new pillow I'm sure, probably why I wake up with a stiff neck every morning. Last night I slept through the night instead of listening to hubby snoring, so that is a change for the good.

Have to chase daughter who has close on thirty juicy green caterpillars in an ice cream container, just to be sure she doesn't grind them into the sofa. Not a good look.


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