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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Half Of A Sleeve

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I'm on row 56 out of 84 rows. Just finished the ball of yarn I started with, just two balls for a sleeve perhaps. I was thinking of blocking the front of the sweater last night, but after unpinning the back I wasn't up to leaning over the table for 20 odd minutes, so I knitted on the sleeve instead. Made good progress too. Of course each row is getting longer as I increase but because it is just reverse stockinette stitch I get through quite quickly. I like the way the ribbing on the sleeve matches the wheat ear braid up the center of the sleeve, but I did design it that way. I don't like it when the ribbing suddenly halts and doesn't join up onto the sleeve pattern, especially when you can make it flow.

Pouring with rain here today, will have to forget the walk unless it fines up later on. Lucky we went to the library yesterday and stocked up on more books to read. I'll have a go on my exercise ball later too, feels good to stretch those muscles!


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