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Monday, September 26, 2005

Taking Up The Table

I'm using the dinner table to block something. Wonder what it is?

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It's not like we really use the table anyway, we usually eat on our laps and the kids eat at their small table. It just seems easier that way. Hmm.

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It's the back of my sweater, blocked out to the correct measurements with a kabillion pins. When the back is done I will do the front too. Though I still haven't started on a sleeve I have more of an idea on what patterns/cables I want to use. I want the wheat ear braid to go up the center and on to become the saddle shoulder, and maybe a few twisted stitch cables on either side with a plait cable on either side of that. We'll see.
Here's the bottom edge of the back of my sweater, hardly any ribbing there..

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Listening to You're Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover by
James Blunt who has had a very interesting past previous to his singing career. It says on one of the reviews he was a soldier in Kosovo and watched the Queen Mother as she lay in state. I love his voice, it cuts right through me.


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