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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The One Where Hubby is 36

So we had a gathering last night for Hubby's birthday, but as requested there was no cake or balloons for him. BBQ dinner with family and a few friends. Hubby got down on the floor at one stage and let both kids ride on his back down the hallway and back again.
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Brave man! Combined they are about 40 kgs.
So we watched Pulp Fiction after I put the kids in bed. Been a while since I'd seen that movie so it was good to see it again. Love Tarantino's role in it, so snarky and 'helpful'.

The aftermath...

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at least the lounge is tidy and no more mess than the dishes to clean up. Hubby is past the days where he would likely trash the house just for fun.

Sister was here last night too, and showed me her ladybird blanket - alas I was too sleepy to think about taking a photo of it. It's looking really good with one row of ladybirds done, and only six more rows to go. As for my project, I'm finished the front now, and spent last night weaving in the ends on both pieces while I contemplated how to start the sleeves. I'm kinda following the pattern I found other than I'm running different gauge than the pattern and had to add more cables to make the difference. So for the sleeves I'll have to measure and adjust the length etc.


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