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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Busy Saturday

The weather was terrible, so the kids and I found other ways to entertain ourselves. We made capes for a couple of the kids toys. Daughter's doggy...

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Son's action man...

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Later on Daughter posed with the jersey I just finished, and also had on the pants I made today, double reason to show...

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Detail of lower jersey, upper pants...

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and by pure accident, Daughter is also wearing the wristband I made a while back. I attached a watch face to it, then of course the watch battery ran flat so she just wears it and pretends what the time is. She was smiling in these photos too.
Shoulder detail...

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After the kids went to bed I got out my next knitting project. It was in a whole bag full of different yarns given to me ages ago by my FIL's friend. Someone had started to knit a cardigan, and then gave up after finishing half of the front. I'm going to try to finish it. Photos tomorrow.


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