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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Today I have already saved some money. School had a second hand clothing sale. I got a t-shirt and hat for $4. That would normally have cost $22 brand new. The items are in good condition too, which is why I bothered. Still have to get Son some more pants, as his knees are ripping out of two of his pairs. Or I could patch them with some similar material.

Going to roast a chicken for tea tonight. Then tomorrow I'll make soup from the carcass and we'll have that for tea tomorrow night. Last time I made soup it was delicious, but I stuffed up when I reheated it to eat. I only warmed up a cup and after I ate it, I thought gee, I should have really made it a bit hotter. Yep, paid for it later that night. Stomach cramps and you know the rest. The cat was staring at me and meowing while I filled a bowl. He's never seen anybody vomit I suppose.

I want to go for another walk too. Hubby isn't up and it's 10:20 already. I may just go without him. The sun is shining but it's only about 2 degrees celsius outside, so I'll have to wrap up a bit. When I come back I'll probably finish the sleeve. Then I can work out what I'm going to do with my hands for my next project. Oh, yeah Daughter wanted a vest/waistcoat made with the same yarn as this current jersey. I'll have to look for a pattern then.

I'm going to also have a go at uploading another home video to YouTube, which I think was quite funny. Plenty of time for that though.


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