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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sunny Days

Yesterday and today were both beautiful sunny days. Had to break out the shorts yesterday while in my bedroom. I finished off Daughter's hammock in there while I baked (yes, I made cocoa cupcakes too for afternoon tea). Wanted to get it done though, as I started the loops the night before and wanted to get the other three done in the same manner. Daughter has already hung the hammock with toys in it on her drawer handles, as I have yet to purchase the hooks for the wall.

I have finished the first sleeve though Daughter is unwilling to try the jersey on. I'm going to try to take some photos tomorrow of the jersey with one sleeve. Might try to start the second one tonight if I can sit still long enough.

Went for a walk down to the local mall today to pay the phone bill, bumped into the same man twice. He used to bump into me in the mornings when I was dropping off Son to school. Now he saw me today and was so friendly, it was a real lift to the day that someone wanted to talk to me other than my children.

Been looking at different things on YouTube today while Daughter was laying around with a headache. She did that for about half and hour this morning, and of course didn't go to school. I'll make sure she goes to school tomorrow morning. We've been told her defibrillator implant will happen within the month, and it may be some sort of wire strip on the sternum to begin with. That may totally change though, as that was the discussion over a year ago. It's amazing how much technology can change in that amount of time.


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