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Friday, July 28, 2006

Toy Hammock

So I did some more on Daughter's toy hammock last night. What I'm doing is using her sweaters and tshirts she used to wear and making something like a quilt top. Then I'm going to put ties/loops in each corner and put a backing on it. It can then be laid on the floor and put some soft toys on it, pick up each corner and hang it on a couple of strong adhesive hooks I'll put on the wall. Here it is so far.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I just have to square the last bit at the bottom up, and it's ready for the loops.
I did think this morning though that I might put some fancy little bits on it to make it look a little prettier. I've got lace I could put on, and maybe a few pretty buttons here and there. I'll ask Daughter if she wants the extras before I do it though, as she said she liked it last night.

I'm looking for more sewing type blogs too. I know about Craftster too, and have been looking through their site a wee bit.

Only have about four inches left to the first sleeve and hope to do some of that today.


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