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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's Raining Again

So in the weekend we tidied the house, did grocery shopping, went to the library and managed to get a walk too. Last night we had Hubby's Mum over for her 75th birthday. His Sister and Brother-in-Law came over too and we had a BBQ. Yes, I know it's been pouring rain for a couple of days now, but a BBQ is yummy in any weather. Hubby cooked the meat in the garage. I did salad in the kitchen and we came together to put it all on the table. Kids enjoyed themselves too. Sister had bought her Mum a locket with Mum engraved on it, I hope she uses it, as it is very delicate and pretty.

We had a lamington cake for pudding and some delicious Creamy Vanilla icecream by Cadbury. Yum. Wish I'd taken some photos of the spread as it all looked rather good. Tasted good too.

Had to rip back a little of the second sleeve as I had started decreasing too soon, but I shouldn't take too long to catch up on that.

Found a photo of Matt from Muse getting into the music.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I've seen violinists with this expression on their face as they play, and it just shows how passionate a person can get about what they are performing.

I want to start Son's hammock too, we need to go through the material together and sort what he wants on it.

Listening to James Blunt, Muse and Elliot Smith again.


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