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Friday, August 11, 2006

Finished Jersey

So I finished the jersey last night, and sat it on the chair next to Daughter. She looked at it and said "I love it!". Though that doesn't mean she'll wear it again. I took some photos last night but they were lost last night when Hubby 'fixed' the computer. Arggh. Oh well, at least I might be able to get a few photos today if I can get her to put it on for a minute.

I'm making chicken soup and it's making the whole house smell lovely and homely. I may make cupcakes later too, if I feel like it.

It was sunny until I got the kids to school, then as I was leaving the clouds just turned black and opened up over my head. I ran to the car, and thanked my stars I had not walked.

Because I don't have any knitting photos, here is Matt again..
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  • At 12/8/06 8:35 PM , Anonymous Dallas said...

    Hi Rowena, thanks for the message!! Its been great reading your blog, you are so crafty! I love the sweaters you have knitted. We are all shifted in now, thank heavens (I really hate shifting). Both boys are at school now and doing really well, even Callan who has been officially diagnosed as having Asperger's Syndrome. I can't believe both of your children are old enough for school now!
    I've saved your blog in my favourites so I can keep up with all your projects, you've inspired me to get on with my cross stitch.
    Have a great day!


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