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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Slept Like A Baby

No, better actually. Couldn't sleep yesterday at all through the day. I can't seem to do that unless I have a crackin' headache. So last night when I got to bed I think I fell asleep straight away. Worked on the sleeve more last night. Started the hammock for Daughter too, photos later. Just about the good side pieced together, have to square it up a little bit, then put the backing on and try not to forget the ties for the corners too.

Might give making a skirt for Daughter a go too. I have some elastic to use up on something, and I think a skirt for her and one for her doll to match would be cute. Now to find a pattern.... or make one up.

Must get a photo of the finished dolls dress too. Daughter wasn't that impressed with it, and I don't think I even got a thankyou for it. She was grumpy at the time though which didn't help at all.

Doug has been busy. I hope NZ Tv picks up the Kidnapped show if it is a hit in the US. Haven't seen anything new there for ages.

I like James Blunt, but I still thought that this was hilarious. YouTube is a neat site to browse. I also found James Spader doing the Word Salad which TV3 showed last night. Very funny if you watch Boston Legal.


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