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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sunny Day

I can tell it's getting closer to warm weather by the way the sun is coming into the kitchen when I'm making breakfast now. It didn't used to a while ago, now it's getting brighter in there earlier.

More things are happening down at the end of our street too, the house is going to be lifted and moved away somewhere. I was watching the guys rip the chimney out yesterday, and this morning there was someone on the roof ripping all the old tiles off. I just hope we can drive out of the street later on. You can see that the house is already up in the air at least 4 feet cause of all the jacks they've put underneath. Lots of drilling yesterday too, as the concrete was all removed from the foundation. Photos...

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I worked on the old cardi again last night, and I'm well and truly into the decreases now, so it's going quite fast now. I'm looking forward to knitting the sleeves and body next, not sure which I'll do first though. I'm not even through a ball of yarn in either colour so I think there will be enough to do the whole cardi.

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