Just Plodding Along

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Hubby came home late last night after visiting his nephew. He had NZ$70 worth of Abec 7 bearings for his inline skates with him. I wasn't that impressed as we're supposed to be watching our money closely so we can pay bills and debt. He put them in last night after I had gone to bed.

This morning he got up at almost 10 but now he wants to go skating. I've got a head cold and sore ears from walking the kids to school this morning, I might ride my pushbike next to him if he wants to skate.

Got to go and hand some forms in later too, before the kids need picked up, as it's a hassle to take them with me. Easier to do it without them tagging along.

Going to check the weather and see whether I want to go for a bike ride.


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