Just Plodding Along

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Oh and my new screensaver is of Billy Boyd. Can't wait to see him in the new film On A Clear Day. He is also having a birthday on the 28th of this month, and I think he'll be 37.
Check out these links to Billy sites..
Billy Boyd.net
Glaswegian Hobbits
Desperately Seeking Billy Boyd
billy boyd uk
Here he is..

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Update on Knitting

Wow, that was alot of fun! Interesting stuff going on in our house at the moment, won't go into it though, too much like a soap opera.

I've been nursing a split thumb for a while and I think it has mended enough now. The past two nights I've been knitting on my cable jersey and my thumb is standing up to it. I've done about 18 inches on the back so far. 7 to go. I pointed out two mistakes that I found last night that I am not going to undo. This adds to the fact it is homemade and I don't think anyone around here will notice it or comment on it. Already showed Sister and she agreed that it was alot of work to undo.

Photos....back progress...

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loose five braid...

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wheat ear cable...

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I'm getting used to the different cables and rows changing, which is making it easier to put down without having to write down which row I'd just completed.