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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday Is Good

Kids and I went for a wander this morning, am tired of being 'trapped' in the house, so got out. We ended up at a local school playground where both children clambered and swung to their hearts content. Then as we walked back home, we called in at the library for a sit and read. May go back later to return the books we have and get some more out. I'm making chicken soup out of the chicken carcass and leftover meat from the night before. There is also a whole lot of roast vegies which I'll blend and add after I've taken the bones out. Son is on his computer playing games online...

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Daughter is making stuff out of Torro...

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...and this is the new knit I started last night. It's from a Shepherd pattern I got at Knit World over a year ago. The pattern is shocking, I'm just going by the photo on the front for the patterning, as the instructions inside led me totally astray!

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The yarn is the Sirdar Hubby's Mother found in the local Salvation Army op shop for I think about $2. There is plenty there, as someone unravelled a jersey and the buttons are in the bag too.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


So in this photo on the 4th of December

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I showed my garden from this angle before the butter beans took off. Then with the beans and sunflowers behind them...

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Now it looks like this..

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After some gardening yesterday where I pulled out all the finished vegies and plants. More space for new foods!!

Here is just a shot of the fence that I liked the look of. I especially like how the centre of the photo is in focus, but the foreground and background aren't.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Gardening and Ripping Out Sweater

So I did heaps of gardening, and put in heaps of compost in. The children are going to help me put in some peas, beans, radishes and whatever else we have room for. It's looking quite good now, with all the fresh dirt still nice and brown.

Ripped out Daughter's new sweater as the pattern just didn't sit right with me, the neck was too high and the wrong shape. I kinda knew that it wouldn't work, but I wanted to perservere with it to see what it came out like. I'll get another pattern for the Sirdar, as I've got alot of it, plenty for something with cables perhaps?

Here's the cat the children have called Billy, it hangs around and now we've started feeding it. It's really cute too, long hair and really fluffy.

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Yes, those are my pjs, just ignore them and look at Billy who loves to be held.
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Billy and Dom

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Just because, that's all.

Watched 28 Days Later on Monday.
Listening to James Blunt.
Knitting hoody for Daughter, nearly finished front. Done the back already.