Just Plodding Along

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Loafing Around

So on Anzac Day we didn't make Anzac biscuits as none of us like the taste, but I did make a couple banana loaves. Yummy, the kids seem to inhale these rather than eat them. Billy is seen here laying in his weird pose on the carpet.

This is my desktop at the moment, Daughter still wants to marry Matt (lead singer of Muse in the center) and keeps asking me to play her favourite Muse songs which are New Born, Bliss, Invincible, Eternally Missed and Knights Of Cydonia in no particular order.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tidy Up Time

Mowed the lawns this morning, and pulled a few pumpkins out, the plants were all yellowed and ready to finish. You can see them on the picnic table on the right. I also harvested the pumpkins that are in the middle of the photo hanging off the fence, photos of those tomorrow. I also dug over more of the side garden against the north fence, and I planted a blackcurrant bush and gooseberry bush against the west fence. Son helped me out with planting the bushes out, and he said it was lots of fun. We had some of our own potatoes for lunch as wedges, then again for tea as scalloped - yummy, with stirfry beef and our own radish, pumpkin, zucchini, and shallots.

I thought I'd take a photo of the potatoes that we dug up, I'm storing them in a fridge that is not turned on at the moment, but we're going to have to start eating them up, as some are sprouting already.

I'm taking some of these babies to my Sister's place on Thursday, hopefully the newest zucchini will be ready by then and I'll take it too. Oh and as an afterthought I can work out which pumpkin she's likely to want and give that away too. Tomorrow I want to take the kids to a movie and then that will get us out of the house for a while, we've been stuck here due to cold weather and both kids having coughs. We'll brave it though.

Monday, April 16, 2007

More Seeds

So Son and I put more seeds in this morning along the north fence. This soil is nice and rich and gets afternoon sun from noon to sunset pretty much. The blue lines are where we put more peas, both dwarf and standard peas. The yellow line is where Son pushed garlic into the soil, nice big cloves too. The pink lines show where I scattered some beans from Sister, I can't remember what type they are, but we'll have plenty as there are some out front too.

In the foreground there is a broccoli that I've let go to seed, it's flowering right now, quite pretty too, and I hope to get some seeds off it later on. Last night the kids and I pulled some seeds out of a leek seed head that was almost ready, still a bit moist when you open up the individual seed pods, so a bit longer and we should be able to shake the seeds out. A couple days ago we did the same thing with some red onion seed heads.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cool Enough To Clip

I clipped the bushes this afternoon, and Son helped me sow some seeds in these new garden plots. We put broad beans, two types of peas and another unknown type of green bean - we'll see what it is later. Underneath the seeds in the right hand plot are shallots waiting for the shortest day to do their thing, some of them I sneaked a peek at are already sending out root systems.

In this next photo at the back are the sprouting broccoli and brussel sprouts going for it. I planted about 14 of each, and the brussel sprouts were doubled also, so 28 of them, some of both have died off after planting, but most of what remain are nice and strong looking. I have to go out daily and squeeze the caterpillar eggs and any caterpillars that make it past egg stage. Tomorrow I hope to sow more seeds in another area out the back of the house, where I dug out heaps of potatoes a few weeks ago, the dirt looks lovely and ready for something else to grow there, I'm thinking more of the unknown green beans and maybe some garlic too. I'll have to look into the garlic growing though, not sure if it likes the partially shaded moist but well drained soil that would be its home.