Just Plodding Along

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Where Is Summer?

Really, I don't know where it's gone to. We've had thunderstorms, rain, oh, and more rain. In between the wet I've managed to get some seeds and plants into the ground. Plants are... tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini. Seeds are peas and beans. I want to get some lettuce seeds in the ground too. I already have strawberries, shallot, leeks, pumpkins and potatoes growing well. I have another zucchini seedling inside which I need to harden off, and there are two pepper seedlings that will be big enough to harden off next week sometime I hope. There is also a gooseberry bush I purchased three days ago that I need to get in the ground soon, but the shallots are still growing where I want to place it. I have a passionfruit vine too, I need some trellis or climbing wires for that one, I'm hoping it will grow in this climate. I bought Son a black capsicum plant that I don't want to put in the ground, I think I'll repot it into a bigger pot and then we can bring it inside when it gets closer to the frosts.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Sewed some peas down the dusty side of the house tonight. I've covered them with a black mesh until they have come up enough. It's going to stop the cats from using that space as a toilet too. I sowed butter beans between the dahlia bush and the shallots/leeks and I'm hoping they won't be scratched out of the ground by the birds and cats. I'm trying to get some more vegies in the ground, and then we'll eat more of them just because they are fresh and in the back yard. Can't wait! The red currants are almost there, we've been nibbling at the first few ripe currants already.
Gardening Again

Been in the garden. I want to have all the garden done this summer instead of just parts of it like the last couple of years.
Some leaders off a tomato plant I'm trying to grow, apparently it should work.
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Some pots on the kitchen bench, with cress and mustard in the blue pot, and cress and lettuce in the ceramic pot.
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Outside the leeks and shallots are growing well.
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There are pumpkins growing up out of the compost I put in to help the tomato grow.
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The willow has grown very well too, since the last photo in August.
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