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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tooth and Heart

So yesterday Son's tooth was finally wiggly enough for me to pull out. He asked me to tie a string around it and attach it to the car like on the ad on TV. I said no of course and just pulled it out with my fingers. It had been hurting him when he tried to eat and by the afternoon he was crying about it. It's out now, and that's the first tooth to come out naturally. Yay! He already has teeth behind the baby teeth which have been there for months now, we call him shark boy because of them...

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The tooth behind will move forward as room becomes available to it.

Also we have another flight booked for early Sunday morning to get the ICD placed. Really early. Early enough that when we get on the plane it will be my usual wake time. 7.10 am. There were no other flights available as it was such short notice. Hopefully this time it'll go ahead. Daughter is thinking about what she wants to wear while we're in hospital, but I think most of the time it'll be hospital gowns. She'll have her favoutite blanket with her though, she said she will share it with me. How sweet.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Many Things

Been busy looking after sick children. Yep, we all got a wicked cold. In fact, it almost felt like the flu we had in 2003. Nasty. So that was all last week and weekend. Now today the kids are back off to school, and that went without any problems. I managed to get their rooms to look like I could walk in without breaking anything. You can see the carpet now too. Hooray!
I have sewed in all the ends of the pink and blue cardigan, and I want to block it too, though I'll have to wait for Hubby to get his computer equipment off the dining table. We haven't eaten at that table for weeks now, not including the BBQ last weekend, so I'll have to be patient. I also need to look up approximately how many stitches to cast on for the sleeves, which I'm going to try to do this afternoon if the kids are happy on their own for a while.
I found the Machinist link too, where Christian Bale talks about the movie a little. It's a quick clip, though there is fake blood spread on the floor, so use discretion if you need to. It's here on YouTube.
I've been trying to find a photo of Doug Hutchison in the now cancelled series Kidnapped, but alas I failed. So here's Billy Boyd biting his lip instead....
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Friday, October 13, 2006

Want To See

Watched The Machinist last night with Hubby. I want to see Spider again sometime soon too. Maybe this weekend if I can get down to Northlands Mall soon enough. The Machinist was a great film, such artistry with all the clues strewn throughout. I watched it twice you see, and looked out for all the information that is given in the film to try and catch you out. Brilliant. Christian Bale lost 63 pounds for this role as far as I can find. He ate an apple and a can of tuna a day for I don't know how long before they filmed. Christian said he wanted to lose more weight, but he was discouraged as it was too unhealthy, 120 pounds looked way too thin for him anyway. I find it interesting that Ralph Fiennes also lost weight for Spider, and often didn't eat for days as he was in character away from the set too.

Here is Ralph Fiennes looking healthy...

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Back At School

Since last Monday, and they are loving it. The weather is starting to warm up, and since daylight savings has started we have more time in the day to do stuff. Daughter and I were going to Auckland this morning for her ICD implant surgery, but it got cancelled at the last moment. We were all ready to go, and just needed to pack a lunch. Another child needs surgery more urgently than Daughter, so we are back to waiting for our time again. We are getting on with it though, and enjoying our days together. Sports day is coming up again this month, and this year, both kids will be in it. Should be fun!

Friday, October 06, 2006


In January '07, the 19th I think. $110 a ticket, and it's way up in Auckland of course. Along with heaps of other good bands too. I hope it's not just a rumour, tickets go on sale October 13th. I'm going to try to see them as it may be my only chance. Yay!

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Holidays Again

I never seem to post much during the holidays. Too busy keeping the kids entertained I think. We've done a few things, but I want to get to the art gallery tomorrow or Tuesday as there is stuff for kids to do. Painting, drawing and making things. Son will be right into that, so long as he's not rushed or crowded while he's there. We did get to Hagley Park this afternoon, feeling strange with the daylight savings starting this morning though. Clocks went forward, and so I missed an hour of sleep I think I needed. Kids at the park....

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Our cat Billy has been sleeping in weird places too this week...

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Yes, he is in the fruit basket, luckily there were only a few mandarins and some garlic in there, so he fitted nicely. The red case on the table to the left is the defibrillator we take with Daughter, it will be nice to leave it at home after she has the internal defibrillator placed!

Last night there was a visitor at our house that Billy was really curious about...

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Son picked it up with some leather gloves of Hubby's and we had a look at his little paws with the sharp wee claws on them...

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Nephews are down for the holidays and we've been over to see them a few times now. Hope to have them here for a BBQ before they go back up north, though their Mum is pretty busy with the cafe, and Hubby is back working with computers again, so we might have to give it a miss this time. Had a party for Hubby's 37th the weekend before they came down, and it'll be Son's 7th on Thursday too.
I'm waiting for the phone call to tell us surgery is on for Daughter too, so we're busy enough.