Just Plodding Along

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I've Got Back

Yes, last night I finished the back of the cardigan. I'm not sure how I'll do the sleeves yet, haven't had a chance to talk to my Sister who knits about it. Here's the back anyway...and yes I know it needs a good blocking.

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I know how to decrease for the raglan part of the sleeves, I just have to find out how long to knit the sleeves before I do the decreasing. I think I'll rib the first inch or two of the sleeves too, to match the body ribbing.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Belated Birthday Cake Photo

A week ago when we attended Hubby's Sister's 50th birthday, they had cake. We didn't get to see the cake as Sister had it back at her house and we couldn't go as we were babysitting the Mother. You see, Hubby's Mother and Father got divorced my whole lifetime ago, but still don't get on at all. Mother always picking holes in Father. So we choose to take the easy way out and keep them separate at all costs, well nearly all. At least the cost of the taste of what looks like pretty yummy cake. Probably a gateau too. Even at the restaurant, we made sure they weren't near each other, we had Hubby's brother sit between them like a barrier. So anyway, because we didn't get to taste the cake, here is a photo of the birthday cake, candles are not accumulative!

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In other news, I found these while trawling the net (get it!?!) and thought they were pretty neat.
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Friday, September 15, 2006

Massive Attack

Son has been doing lots of drawing, and I snagged a couple of photos, I think they're well done. This one is the cow from barnyard and is a quick sketch...

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I haven't asked Son about this one, but this dude looks evil to me. He's hunched over or near a church or grave...

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He gets very detailed the more time he spends on the picture.
He spent so much time on this picture and I still don't think he's quite finished it. I had to post it, all the rain falling and the money and jewels at the bottom right - I think he could go far if he keeps at it...click to see it big...

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I've been able to almost finish the back of the cardigan too, only about 8 rows to go, and each row is 2 stitches shorter than the one before of course. Then I'll have to have some quiet time to work out how to do the sleeves. I may consult Hubby's sister on that one, as she is knitting heaps of baby stuff at the moment. I want to get some photos of her work before it gets gifted too. Her daughter is due today with a second son I think, so Sister has been knitting quickly to get this last one done on time. A really gorgeous little ribbed cardigan in a beautiful baby powder blue. Waiting patiently for word of baby!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Book Book

Been writing some more. I did 4, count them, 4 rows of knitting last night after spending about 45 minutes weeding along the fenceline outside the lounge. Son was watching and picking up all the potatoes I was finding. Billy sat in the long grass nearby and loved it when some of my weeds wiggled his grass patch. He'd jump all over the place when that happened. Made spag bol last night, and I enjoyed it too, as I was so hungry. Don't know what's happening on Home and Away, I've missed a few episodes, and now it looks like Matty is bulimic. She's the one that got burned at the cop's wedding when that Psycho lit that fire or whatever. It's become extreme in the storylines these days.

Here's Daughter enjoying the cat Billy sleeping on Son's bed...
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He loves sleeping there as the sun hits that spot about mid afternoon.

Daughter was home yesterday as early in the school day she told the teacher she had vomited into her mouth and was apparently very upset about it. I went and got her and she sat at home with me and Hubby.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I'm trying to get over my cold.
I'm trying to write more.
I'm trying to knit more.
I'm trying to tidy my garden so I can sew seeds.
I'm trying to keep the house clean.
I'm trying to feed us good nutritious food.
I'm trying to get a good night sleep.
I'm trying to play my guitar more.
I'm trying to play with my children more.
I'm trying to walk/exercise more.

It's a trying time here at the moment.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Aftermath

Actually, I don't feel too bad after the busy day we had yesterday. There was a big dinner at the Hoon Hay 88, which for those of you playing at home is a smorgasboard restaurant. Or All You Can Eat. I think Hubby and his brother took advantage of that and did actually eat all that they could. It was quite disgusting really watching all the food getting shoved in their tummies. Hubby's Mum also put some ham in her handbag 'for tea later on'. This was all Hubby's sister who was turning 50, and celebrating before she even got to the restaurant by downing a few Canterbury Creams. Oh well, why not, she doesn't do that every day.

After the meal we came home and Hubby's Mum came with us. Then Niece and Nephew arrived and the skates were brought out. Hubby, Nephew and Son all skating, which Son absolutely loved. Nephew had his hockey stick with him, and a puck, so he and Son were chasing that up and down our long driveway. Son is getting so good on his skates, especially when he's busy chasing the puck and not concentrating on his feet. A fun day really. I was pretty tired by last night though.

It's a nice day here, so I'll try to get out for another walk later, though Daughter has to get to the doctor in the afternoon for her weigh-in. Medicine update time.

Finished reading The Watchmen, and I sincerely hope Doug Hutchison will be picked for the Rorschach role!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Hubby came home late last night after visiting his nephew. He had NZ$70 worth of Abec 7 bearings for his inline skates with him. I wasn't that impressed as we're supposed to be watching our money closely so we can pay bills and debt. He put them in last night after I had gone to bed.

This morning he got up at almost 10 but now he wants to go skating. I've got a head cold and sore ears from walking the kids to school this morning, I might ride my pushbike next to him if he wants to skate.

Got to go and hand some forms in later too, before the kids need picked up, as it's a hassle to take them with me. Easier to do it without them tagging along.

Going to check the weather and see whether I want to go for a bike ride.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Yep, struck down in my prime with a head cold. Hopefully it'll pass soon. Feels blimmin awful though.

Poor kids are sad about Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter" being killed by the stingray, it's what Hubby and I talked about ages ago. You know. The snake's gonna bite him. The crocodile's gonna eat him. Etc.. Now it's true it's really sad. What a waste of a great life. What an end.

On a happier note, kids had their teeth checked yesterday at the hospital dental clinic and Daughter is clear, Son may have some decay starting up too hard to see at the moment. Discolouring near the back of a tooth, so he'll be looked at by the school dental nurse for a while to make sure it's caught early.

I've been reading instead of knitting lately. I am trying to drag out finishing the back of the cardigan as I'm really enjoying knitting it. Took the kids to the library last night, and Daughter chose some 'all words' books. Hubby read the first chapter of one of them last night before she went to bed. One about horses. Daughter dreamt about horses she told me this morning, probably because of the book I told her. She smiled.

Spring is here with the garden starting up again. What was a brown stick a week ago now has lush green leave popping out all over it. Must set aside time to weed and sew seeds this weekend.