Just Plodding Along

Sunday, October 18, 2009


My garden is very overgrown with weeds. I did some digging this morning before I got rained inside.

This should be cleared soon, next to it looks better already.

In the middle next to the self-sown dill is a thornless blackberry I bought Summer 2008, hope to grow it up onto the fence, but not sure if there will be fruit this year. The yellow sad looking thing is a tangelo tree, I think it needs some tree food of some sort, will look into that soon.

The willow we ripped from the gravel road has sprouted nicely this year, and I'll keep guiding it to grow up instead of into a bush.

I also cleared the corner where I'll put one of the tomato plants I bought last week. I have sweet100, beefsteak and another medium variety. The other two will go against the back fence I think, they did well there last season.

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