Just Plodding Along

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Dierama latifolium. That's what it is called. The other name for it is Angel's Fishing Rod which I think is a really cool name for it. It's really coming out now with more flowers blooming.
Here's another photo from this website here....

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which is what mine looks like, just haven't had time to get another photo today. Maybe tomorrow. Hubby's Mum was here today and I just asked her if she knew what it was called. Straight away she knew as her husband had planted them all around a pond or something years ago. Got more lettuces out into the garden today from the place where I sowed the seed nearly a month ago. Also got some beetroot seed in as well.

Monday, December 19, 2005


So I got the first part of the second sleeve of my cabled sweater sewn in last night. While Hubby and his niece and her boyfriend watched Aliens vs Predator, as Niece was turning 18 and so we had a BBQ in her honour. We also rented out Lemony Snicket (which is also a set of books) and bought The Aviator for $10 on Saturday. Watched The Aviator the same night and man was it a great film. Hubby and I watched it with his Sister and we were all glued to it, like what is going to happen next??? I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was so different from some of the other roles he has played, which shows what talent he has as an actor.

Today after Hubby and I picked up Daughter from kindy, she wanted to watch The Incredibles again. I suppose we last watched it a few months ago, so we put it on while she had her lunch and then sucked on a candy cane.

This grassy-type plant has flowered for the first time since we moved here, as I thought it was a young cabbage tree. I would love to know what it is, and haven't been able to find it anywhere through Google. Maybe I just haven't put in the right keywords.
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Here are the flowers...
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The flowers make it about five foot high. It has divided into about five separate plants, so when it's finished flowering towards winter sometime I am going to have a go at moving some of it to another spot in the garden.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Heres the moon that I got last night...

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And here are some of the flowers from my garden...

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I think there is some sort of Salvia (the purple) and chaster(sp?) daisy, and the little white flowers are Alyssum. The red is called Fire lilly I think?
Yeah, I need to look up my flowers and identify them correctly.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Happy Rose and Angel

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This rose was mown over by the lawn mower this year sometime, and now it's recovered enough to grow a flower. We didn't even think it would grow back after it got chopped. I suppose it was like giving it a hard prune.

Son did an excellent job on an Angel picture at school. The teachers have put his Angel on top of the tree so I just had to get a photo of that...

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I love how he didn't just colour in the different parts, but went diagonally across the Angel in two soft colours. I can see he really thought about how to do this. Good job Son!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Better Photos

So I got a better photo of a cross stitch I finished when Daughter was still in my tummy...

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It measures 10 inches across, here's a close up..

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And here is a better photo of the quilt I completed recently..

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The whale near the edge...

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Gardening and Ladybirds

So this hot weather isn't keeping me from being in the garden. I had help from my children though. Son is good at searching for insects where I've already dug over. Daughter is good for wandering around looking for her own insects and showing me where to dig next.

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This is the after photo that Son took. It shows the bare dirt where there are lots of seeds like radish, lettuce, beans and chives. The tall plants about half-way along are christmas lillies, and there is a swan plant at the far end that Monarch caterpillars should be covering by now.

That's not all. Sister has been here this weekend working on her Grandson's ladybird blanket.

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Only the one row of ladybirds to finish off the front. Then she's got to weave in all the ends (Huge Job!) and put a back on it and quilt it so it doesn't stretch. It's looking really good, and Niece came over in the early evening for a BBQ tea and saw it. She's chuffed about it! I'll have to find out where Sister got the pattern from. I think it was from a book I had out from the library ages ago. It also has a pattern for a ladybird cushion. It's the same book that had the dog sweater I got the idea from for the ladybird sweater I made for Son yonks ago (that Daughter is now wearing instead)
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I think it's a lovely pattern for a boy or girl.