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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Front of Aran

I'm more than quarter of the way through the front of hubbys sweater. Yes, I have two sleeves and a back. That means when I'm finished the front I have seaming and collar to finish it. I feel so close to the end, as the pattern is much easier the second time around, and I barely have to look at the pattern. Laying out the back of the sweater it looks much like a cot blanket it is so big. It is knit for a size 50 inch chest, so it will be roomy enough for hubby to move around and work in.

My first baby is turning five next week, the time has flown I tell you, and we've had more than our share of excitement in that period from the Brugada. Here's hoping for a very non-eventful five years to come. That would be great thanks.

Oh, and I'm still knitting the Monks Travel Satchel, but it is very slow going as I just work on it while in the car or while waiting for stuff, as it is in my backpack all the time just for these occasions. It is getting quite long though, and I'll measure it sometime soon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Warm Weather

Yesterday was so warm, when I took the kids to the park we had to come home sooner than later as we hadn't put any sunscreen on. Boy it was hot. Then later at night son and I watched the planes coming in to land at the airport through the open lounge door. Though son did get a little scared at having the door wide open to the darkness outside, he did enjoy seeing the lights on the aircraft overhead.

Hubby has a t-shirt that sister said could fit son in as well. So they tried.

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Yep, guess she was right on that thought.

Knitting wise, I'm halfway through the second (yes I said SECOND) sleeve, and then will do the front. I'm getting there, woo hoo!!! Car knitting (Monk's Travel Satchel) is about eleven inches long now. Long way to go on that, but it is hard doing all that moss st too, so good to attack it in small bursts.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


While I work on hubby's Aran, I have a break (if you can call it that) and work on the strap for the Monks Travel Satchel. I have five inches done, so only sixty-nine inches to go!

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I have a variety of blues and browns in this gauge to use up, so thought this would be a good project to do that with. As for the Aran, I am halfway through the first sleeve, so may do both sleeves before returning to the big effort of knitting the front piece.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hubby is fast asleep so no sneaking in to get the back of the sweater that I have finished, but I took the sleeve I'm working on when I left the room so pics of that instead. I tried a few times to try to capture the cables, but it is quite hard on an overcast day so here goes the first try....

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Second try...

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Third try...

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Success on the fourth try out on the picnic table...

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Daughter loves the feel of the pattern and will often touch it to see how different each cable feels...

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I got the cables from a book I'm borrowing from the library at the moment, Alice Starmores Aran Knitting. She explains all the reality surrounding the legends of Aran knitting, and gives heaps of cable patterns. At the back of the book there are about 9 designs for sweaters and shawls.

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I like St Brigid the best, and when I'm finished hubby's sweater I would love to try to knit it.

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In this colourway...

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it would suit my colouring well.
Yeah I can dream too.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Spring Is Here:

You know spring is here when you find these beauties in the garden....

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